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Har-Tru synthetic – The best of clay courts and hard courts rolled into one

Har-Tru synthetic is a clay court that more closely replicates real clay than anything else on the market. It also requires the least maintenance of any clay court on the market.

Composed of a quarter-inch polypropylene membrane that gets glued down to an existing hard surface and in-filled with Har-Tru Green or European Red brick dust, giving it the look and feel of a real clay or Har-Tru court. Specialized line filler is used to create permanent playing lines that require only occasional freshening. Material can be added to taste on an as-needed basis.

Its unique construct makes it a court that you can walk away from for six months but have up and running again in less than one hour. Its low maintenance and minimal water requirements also make Har-Tru synthetic ideal for an indoor clay court.

  • Minimal Maintenance: Brush and add a little water just prior to play. Or don’t. Yes, that’s it.
  • All weather playability: Your footing remains true when it’s wet, dry, hot, or cold.
  • Our synthetic facilitates a tennis player’s development by forcing them to use patience, construct shot sequences into points, and employ a wide variety of shots.
  • Provides sliding comfort, which allows you to play more frequently without the pain.
  • A player’s feet are able to glide, pivot, and slide freely across the surface and this reduces the opportunity for injuries.
  • Is easily installed over existing hard courts.

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